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Вихревые:  «All about a pneumatic tube»

All about a pneumatic tube

When hearing a word “pneumatic tube” you start to think about the scenes from the old American films where this technology was used by the major companies` bureaucracy. The inventor of the pneumatic tube was not an American, but a Dutchman Henrich von Stephan. And it`s not surprising at all because Germany is in fact a homeland for many leading gadgets that still have not been approved as mainstreamed bonuses.

 Modern systems of a pneumatic tube

In a context of a concept the pneumatic tube is not so different from its historical prototype. Though its construction is more complicated. The typical modern system includes next components:

-        central control processor

-        connected with it hand controller panel

-         powerful compressed air pump

-        processor control unit

-        net of cables

-        path railway alike switch

-        electric power supply

 Most of the components are placed under the ceiling and masked by some ceiling design. Under the pressure of the air pumped by the compressor, containers with mail are sent along the main pipes, sometimes for a very long distance: between floors, between separate buildings, along walls and through the air. The path of each container is known in advance to the control mechanism of the arrows, as it is set by the operator on the remote control and recorded in the controller's memory. The entire process is automated and operator intervention is required in a single case: when it is necessary, one way or another, to adjust the route database. In order to preserve the capsule at the destination (it arrives there at high speed), special bike caps are used. The device of the capsule allows you to instantly remove it from the overpass and also instantly extract documents from it.

 Pneumatic tube` compressor

Pumping air into the pipeline is the main task of the compressor. There are two types of compressors in pneumatic mail systems: single-phase compressors and three-phase compressors. A single-phase compressor is armed with two not particularly powerful engines for exactly the opposite purpose: one increases the pressure, the other, on the contrary, creates a rarefied atmosphere. Single-phase compressors are inexpensive, have small dimensions and are powered from a conventional outlet (~220 V).

Three-phase compressor includes one but powerful p rotary motor (for example, SU4 or SU6). The air flow can go either in one direction or in the other (for which a special device called "razg" is responsible). These machines are used in large-scale pneumatic tube systems, where the receiving and sending stations are separated over considerable distances.

Pneumatic tube` installation

Everything listed above should give you the idea that a pneumatic tube is a very complicated technology and that`s why its installation is conducted by the professionals from the competent organizations. These can be organizations that implement or design these systems, as well as third-party organizations with experience in this area.